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!!!!! O.O !!!!!


OHGOD! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! I NEVER TOLD THOSE BASTARDS A WORD! If you read anything, it's from old interviews or they've invented it or Kirley told 'em stuff so the reporter girl'd sleep with him. I've not spoken to any British press since the last gig in London.




...I'll just run away and die, now... fuuuck...

IN OTHER NEWS! We've added some shows to the American tour. Should've been home weeks ago, but honestly, I never knew we were this big over here. It's crazy! Last show's... somewhere, I can't remember where, on Saturday night. Then SLEEP all day Sunday, and back to school Monday. Ugh. >.<

Oh, and Eveline's not very impressed with my tattoo. :D
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You? Most charming smile? But I thought the sexy pout was your trademark look. You should read the article, it's hilarious. Hee!

And "not very impressed" doesn't quite cover it. I still maintain that I will pay to have that thing removed right now. Or I will bribe Will's sister to do it, or I will charm something to hide it, or anything. Even the Mystery Girl shirt is better than that. >.
AHAHA! So you admit, the Mystery Girl t-shirt really isn't all that bad? *smug grin* HAH. :D

And, no thanks, I'm not reading that shite. >.< *folds the magazine in half and sits on it*
No, that's not what I said. I said the Mystery Girl shirt was better than your god-awful tattoo. I didn't say I liked it.

*watches him sit on the magazine* Oh, that's alright. Marion thought I ought to have my own copy. *grins and pulls out another Witch Weekly magazine and opens it to read* "Heartthrob Adie McCormack, lead singer of The Weird Sisters, is--"
OH, fuckin' hell, stop that!

*pulls out his wand, transfigures the magazine into a blank parchment*

There, that's better. *hides*
Adie! Darlin'! How're you and Eve getting along? We really missed you when the bunch of us went shopping at Diagon Alley the other day...especially when we saw the latest issue of Witch Weekly! My, my, 'Most Charming Smile' indeed. I've never bought that magazine before, but I figured it'd be money well spent....especially for all the entertainment value Aidan and I got out of reading the article. Aloud. To Ciar, Eirlys, Dylan, Finn, Martine, and Noah. The highlight of our day.

Right, Aidan wants to say a word, so I'll say goodbye. Love you, darlin'...and give my love to Eve, will you? Ta!



Here, does Eve know she's a Latvian Megastar? News to us, I thought you were still working on getting her to sing for you, had no idea she was giving nightly concerts. Fuckin' class that she could fit that in around school.
Can't wait to go back, many plans for the team. Must make Mo try out (think she'd make a crackin' Keeper).

But then...kinda worked that out already...

- Aidan
Mo and Aidan,


(But not so much that I won't kill you if you don't let that fucking awful magazine article drop! LIES, all lies! Ooh, except the bit where it said Eveline can sing -- she can!)

Aidan: 'course you worked that out, daft git, you've been training her already, haven't you?

Got to go, Ma's Very Proud of me for winning this stupid fucking thing so she's giving me more allowance (and it's WANKY that I can't get into my own bank account until I'm 18... ARGH!!!), which means I'm dragging Eveline out 'round the shops so we can blow the lot before we come home!

Love you both, and Eveline's waving and blowing kisses (but she's only wearing wee lacy knickers, so I reckon they're for me). See you on MONDAY!

Love Adie xxx

Ooooohhhhh!! Didn't know that I was crashing in the same dorm as a Big Celebrity! "Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile" for 2003, huh? Well, I always thought that you had it in you!

Dylan and I were wanting to know--will you autograph our copy when when we get back to school? PLEEEEASE?!? You know, it's probably going to be really valuable and all... And who knows--you might even get the honour several more times and beat 'ole Lockhart's record if you keep going like this.

Finn and Dylan

PS LOVED the article too. Mo read it out loud to us and Aidan provided all sorts of sound effects. Like uncontrollable laughing...

Finn, Dylan, and whoever else is there having a right good laugh at my expense,

I've got one thing to say, and I'll say it in big letters so there's absolutely no mistake:

Bugger Off.

Love Adie xxx

PS: MISS YOU ALL! And as long as there's no sign of shitty tabloids on the train or in the castle, there'll be tacky touristy gifts for everybody on Monday! See you back at school. Eveline sends her love. xxx

All I can say that We Are Hurt! Now really, would the recipient of "Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award" (2003) be using such language? At least tell me that you were *smiling* when you said it. ;-)

Okay, mate--no more teasing from me. I want my tacky touristy gift. Can't promise anything from my better half though. You know him. He'll be getting a lot more mileage out of this before it's all said and done. What can I say? *I* can't control him. Well...I can...but we won't go there. ;-)

Missed seeing you this summer and can't wait to see you and Evie on Monday! Give her a big hug from me and Dylan!


I just read th' article in "Witch Weekly". Da picked up a copy for me... said he had t' get it when he saw you on th' cover.

Th' article was sooo entertaining. Even more so when a couple of th' guys started quotin' parts of it.

Anyway, how are you and Evaline doin'? I'll see you two on Monday.


P.S. Th' guys want t' know if you'll autograph their copies of WW....

The guys can roll up the magazine and take turns shoving it sideways up their arses!!

Me and Eve're doing okay! Got a hell of a fright last night when a couple of fangirls fell out of the wardrobe in the hotel room, though... bloody weirdoes...

Anyway, got to go. Need to make the most of my last day in America and SHOP some more! See you on Monday, hope you're having a great holiday! Eveline says hi, and sends her love.

Love Adie xxx

Right! Now that's out of the way ;-D, let me congratulate you on your luminous honour, my dear *charming* boy!! Hee!! Oh, that's fabulous!! You know you simply HAVE to autograph my copy of the illustrious, well-respected bastion of journalistic integrity that is Witch Weekly! ^_^

Seriously, it was fantastic to see you beaming out in Lockhartian glory from the magazine like that! AND your beautiful Mystery Girl must have been quite gobsmacked to see it too, Mr. Bigtime Celebrity Rockstar Fairyboy! ^_~

Can't WAIT to see you and Eveline -- SOOOON!!! WoooHooo!!! Give Eveline a big happy kiss from me!

Love you both dearly!