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Hurts like fuck to fly. Think I've done something to my shoulder. Can't lift my arm without it hurting, so I can't straighten my wing.

Don't really care.


Think we can get Gilliam done for attempted murder? When Kirley got arrested, after he walloped that paparazzi shit for being a bastard after Meg got hurt that time, he says the prison blokes are well shifty-looking. Twitchy. Like they're thinking bastardly thoughts about the poor defenceless prisoners.


Was having bad dreams all night. It's the blood. I can't deal with blood. Call me a wuss if you like, I don't care. Fuck off, I just can't do it, not since that Cup match when Aidan Lynch crashed and broke his neck. 'Cause, you know, Meghan was going out with him back then, and she flew down to him, and she was crying and kissing him and she got all covered in his blood, and... just, you know, I can't do it. I CAN'T. Everybody's got stuff they can't handle. Mine's blood. :-/

...except when it's Gilliam's. Don't think I could ever see enough of that.
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*looks at his arm, eyes narrowing slightly*

Adie, cher. You should get that looked at. You must have slept in a draught or something *smiles*. Shall I ask Noah to take a look? He's not in the Infirmary with the other medical students?

Shame about Gilliam, isn't it? *innocent smile*
Bloody awful shame, aye. Maybe we should go take him flowers and chocolates, cheer him up some. Potted Bubotuber and Aconite Creams sound all right?

And... um, aye, if he's not busy, that'd be great. I'm all right, it's just kinda stiff. :-/
They sound fine to me. But then, you always did have exquisite taste.

Noah's with Finn at the moment. It was generally thought that neither of them should go down to the Slytherin dungeons on their own for a while, and we managed to persuade Dylan that he should really stay clear until this whole mess is sorted out. But I'll ask him as soon as I see him. I know he won't mind. And I know. But, like I said, the dorms can get rather draughty this time of year *winks, smiles*.