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It was the struggle of the century
And all the grown men came to see
The girl who tamed the tiger, yeah yeah!

Eve, princess, I'm so covering this. :D


Uh, I'm so shit at keeping journals. >.< Eh, well. I'm always about somewhere. :D Been writing lots recently. Trying to knock out some kind of romantic comedy song for the happy couple, 'cause, seriously, all that fuss about eloping to wherever it was, Greenland... AHAHAHA! :D (For the record, no rumours were started by Mr. McCormack over here. He just spread them far and wide. :P)

What else? OH! MEG WAS HERE! Flyboy perved, don't know if he knows I noticed. The bloke's my best mate, of course I bloody noticed. :D She's doing loads better now, all the operations have gone great, she'll be about ready to re-join the team sometime soon. WOOOO! Hehe, but she's getting old. She's the oldest on the team by like eight years... it's just randomly a young team this season, and she's way the best player, AND she's beautiful, AND she's just all-round great, and I love her 'cause she's my Meghan, but we tease her anyway. And it's cool 'cause she can't kick my arse if I'm here at school, so Kir gets my share of beatings too. :D

Uhm... OH! Yeah. I grew my hair out. I was gonna do it naturally but it was looking shit, you know that SHIT stage between short-sexy and long-sexy? It was there and I hated it and people were pointing at laughing at me in the corridors (well, they weren't, except the time someone stuck a 'kick me' sign on my back, BASTARDS, but I'm paranoid when I feel ugly because I'm so vain it hurts :D), so I charmed it. :D

I like it. Ma says I look like a right ponce, but she says that no matter what I do so I'm not listening. :D

Ack, Myers is looking, have to go!
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