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Messages to people!

McCLOY! YOU, ME, FLYING, DUNVEGAN HEAD. I heard Kir and Tom talking about this stash of 'whiskey they hid up there last year but they were too pissed to remember where it was when they went back to find it, and Other People's Whiskey is the best stuff to use when you're celebrating, right? You've got to come to Skye, anyway, my ma says she wants to congratulate you, which means she's gonna get all silly and girlie and hug you half to death. Cool? :D Meg, too, if you're lucky. :D

EVELINE! I love you more than everything in all the world and you're the most beautiful girl who's ever lived, it's true. Helen of Troy's a MINGER, she'd have to wear a veil over her face or something if you were standing there next to her. :D And... I love you. Said that already, but I'll say it twice. Or three times, four, five hundred, six thousand, etc, etc. I LOVE YOU. 'Til Tuesday. :D 'Til forever. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Just saying, in case you forgot. :D

Mac, Martine: I know it's not your kid, but still, CONGRATULATIONS and all that! Come up to Skye, we'll have a beach party while we search for this lost 'whiskey. :D


Uhm... that's all.

Oh, and, did I mention WHY I'm so hyper? 'Cause we CLEARED UP at the L.U.T.E. awards last week. What've we got... well, what haven't we got? :D Best band, best album, best live act, loads more. Ahaha. "Most fanciable male: Adie McCormack". :D "Best haircut: Adie McCormack". I'm the wizarding world's premier Sex Symbol, and don't anybody fucking dare forget it!

EVELINE! Love you. :D
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