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adie_mccormack's Journal

Adie McCormack
28 January
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I'm Adie McCormack. One fifth of the Weird Sisters. :D The old singer/bassist left when he got married, so my brother Kirley got me in as a temporary replacement... only it's working out GREAT so it looks like it's gonna be permanent now. Which is cool!

My sister Meghan is recovering from a Quidditch accident (well, not an accident... a terrorist attack on one of her games... >.<) so she's not allowed to fly at the minute, but she plays Keeper for the Pride of Portree and for Scotland. And Ma's retired (Catriona McCormack -- she was the Prides' star chaser in her day), but she's working for the IAQ, now... commentating, reffing games, writing for papers, testing new models... stuff like that.

Uhm... I hate writing these stupid bio things, never know what to say... okay, school stuff. I got my Transfiguration N.E.W.T. a year early, me and my best friend Aidan. We've always been top of that class, so the professor got us started on Animagus stuff last year and we cracked it just before summer. 'Cause we rock. :D I'm a Merlin falcon. So, this year I'm only doing two subjects: Arithmancy (again top of my class! :D) and Astronomy (which I, um, failed last year, so I'm having to re-take the exam in September. It's not my fault, though... the teacher got kicked out and we never got a replacement, so we all got crappy grades. Ma's really pissed off about that, she says she's gonna make a complaint. >.<). But, I think I'm gonna see Fiennes about advanced Transfig stuff, too.

Right, what now? Ooh, sticking with the school-theme: AIDAN! Heterosexual Life Partner. *nods* Not gonna say anything else 'cause I'll sound all soppy and girlie, but he's cool. My very best mate in all the world. Then there's Mo... love her too, she's great. And mine an' Aidan's dorm-mate Dylan! And Will's another best mate, though he seems to have abandoned us all in favour of his sweet... :-P (Just kidding!)

And. Eveline. The most beautiful girl in all the world. You think I look all skinny and weak and girlie? Don't think I can't club you to death with my platform shoes if you ever hurt her. :D Dunno what to say. Anything I say'll sound trite and crappy, so... eh. I love her. And that's all you need to know. *nods*

I'm not Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I don't even exist. I'm a character for the hogwarts03 roleplay.