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Eve keeps telling me off for wearing her face on my t-shirt, so I'm not gonna wear it any more. Keeping Eveline happy, that's the most important thing in all the world.

...she never said anything about not getting her face tattooed on me, though.


Should wear off in about... two months, I think the guy said. AHAHAHA!

Aidan got a fire thingy 'round his arm (Thais got all giggly and kept making puns about 'hot', which made Tom give Aidan the dagger-glare. I with they'd stop pissing about and just shag!), and Kirley got a naked pole-dancer. 'Cept he didn't, 'cause to everybody else it says "FUCKWIT". *grin* Well worth the extra Galleons me an' Aidan had to pay to get the tattooist to cast Confundus on him. AND it's permanent, unlike ours. *GRIN* 'Course, he's gonna beat me to a pulp when he finds out. But it's worth it. :D

New project! When we're too old for rockstarring/Quidditch, me an' Aidan, we reckon we should own a bar! We found a smart-looking one in a skanky bit of New York owned by a bloke called McCloy, an' it got us thinking. HOW COOL?! An' we could live there! An' we'd never have to open, we could just sit on the floor and drink right from the beer taps! Ooh, but before that, Aidan has to join the band! He's learning guitar, and... well, he's a bit shit. But he'll get better! Then we can kick Kirley out!

No, that's unfair. Kir's the best guitarist in the world. But he is a right tosser sometimes. He charmed a 'tache onto the Statue of Liberty yesterday, and the ENTIRE squad of Obliviators from the American Ministry had to come out to cast Memory charms over EVERY BLOODY MUGGLE IN THE CITY! >.< It's a miracle they never carted him off in leg-irons. He only got let off 'cause the Minister's daughter has a crush on him. Jammy bastard.

Eh, well. it's all right, Ma walloped him and said he was a disgrace to his country. :D

What else? Uhm. I love Eveline, but everybody know that anyway. *grin* She's still not sung for me, but she will. She will. I know she can, she's a great singer. She's just shy. But she'll do it. Aye, she will. 'Cause I'm putting my foot down like a man, and DEMANDING it!

Well, I'm not. She'd hex my balls off. :D

OH! I know! We're covering Dark as Erebus by the Mods! Ma bumped into Juliane in the lobby of the concert hall the other day (!!!!! THE MODS!!! THE MODS SAW US PLAY! Well, one of 'em at least. Coughthehottestonecoughcough... ;D), and she (Juliane) said she loved the show (!!!!!), so Ma spilled that we're all mad about the Mods, and Juliane said she'd heard our cover of Moonlight Lament's Isis and thought it was ace (!!!!!), and if we wanted to take a crack at updating any Mods stuff we're more than welcome. (!!!!!) So, Ma said YES! and Juliane said OKAY! and Ma said, "Adie really liked Dark as Erebus, d'you think they could do that?" and Juliane said, "I'm looking forward to hearing it."



She had to go off somewhere, interview or something, so we couldn't meet her. But she'll "be in touch."



So, more whiskey is needed. Celebration, and just 'cause it's Good (proper whiskey, not this Jack Daniels shite), and 'cause I've got to get ready in case Sinead tries to argue with me again. >.<

And, heh, reminded Aidan about The Mo Thing, and he seemed Pleased. So I don't feel so shitty about saying when I promised I wouldn't. >.<
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